Enjoying Your Scrum

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a new Scrum!  We are quite confident that with continued maintenance and proper attention, your Scrum will serve you and your growing business for generations to come.

If you should have a minor problem with your Scrum, please use this easy to read troubleshooting guide, to help you reset your Scrum to its original factory settings.  Please be aware that some of the directions in this guide are technical in nature, and others may be dangerous to unskilled or inexperienced Scrum users.  If you are unsure, at any time while consulting this guide, please contact an experienced and licensed Agile Professional (preferably a Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Team Coach, or Certified Enterprise Coach)

If after consulting this guide, you are unable to get your Scrum working again, please do not return it to the vendor from whom you bought it. Please contact an experienced and licensed Agile Professional.


Trying to reset your Scrum to its original factory settings while it is still running, may be dangerous to the team using it. In most circumstances, the actions called for in resetting your Scrum, are best carried out at the end of an iteration while the team is reflecting on their Scrum behaviors. Be careful and always wear protective gear.

Common Troubleshooting Topics

The Daily Scrum is the shortest of all the Scrum Events.  Why is there so much deliberation, and time spent debating over what to say and do there?

This is where all the magic happens – the Sprint itself.  This is also where team members find that they absolutely love working together, or find that they detest each other. Let’s dive in and see how it can all go so wrong!

Is it 2 parts? 3 parts? Is it Why-What-How? Does the PO really need to be there? The Scrum Master assigns tasks, right? What is it about Sprint Planning that makes it so difficult for teams to plot a course?

Some people don’t understand satire.  They definitely shouldn’t read any of this material – it would just prove to annoy them (eventually).  This section is devoted to giving true, time-tested advice.