DRiV Report


DRiV Report

We may not always be aware of what Drives us and what Drains us.  The DRiV Leadership Report helps you understand these Drivers and Drainers, and much more.


The DRiV Leadership Report is an explanation into what drives your behavior, your psychological motivational energy.  What pushes you toward certain behaviors, and what pushes you away from certain behaviors. It gives us the why behind what we do, and how we react.

The DRiV explains behaviors we have or have not noticed about ourselves.  How can we dive into the Drivers and Drainers, and look at our interaction with other people.  "Why did that interaction go the way it did?" "Why did that relationship evolve the way it did?"

When you are able to have some clear language around why you do what you do, you are better able to take control over your choices and actions.  It can help you live more thoughtfully, instead of reflexively.

When we are in a space of change or newness, we fall back on reflexes we are not totally aware of.  We naturally seek the things that give us energy, and avoid the things that drain our energy.  But when you can pinpoint why you react the way you do, you are able to have more thoughtful reactions, rather than reflexive reactions.

The DRiV shows you your tendencies toward certain situations, relationships, and interactions, as well as those you naturally avoid. It shows you how you might be perceived by others, and how you might want to challenge yourself to interact differently with them.

The DRiV isn't simply a personality assessment. The report gives you quite a few different patterns of behavior to experiment with, in order for you to interact with others in more mutually beneficial relationships.

You can listen to 2 episodes of the Agile Chicago Style Podcast (retired podcast) where we dive into the specifics about the DRiV Leadership Report

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