A-CSM Frequently Asked Questions

Will all the A-CSM Requirements be filled when I complete the class?

This class only fulfills one requirement — the class requirement. You will still need an active CSM certification, and at least 1 year of Scrum Master experience.

Is there another exam?

No exam for this certification. Just complete a class (live or self-paced).

Can I take this as a self-study?

Yes, we offer this class as a self-study course. Check out this link for more info. This course requires frequent check-ins with an instructor to keep you on track.

Are there prerequisites needed to take this course?

Not necessarily. Each trainer will tell you something different. Basically, you need some experience to do well in this class. To get the most out of this class, you should have at least 1 or 2 years of experience as a Scrum Master. Project Management experience is not the same.

Why are some classes 2 days, and others are 3 days?

Some trainers like spreading out this material over 3 days. This class is intense! There is a LOT of content. You might want more time to absorb it all.

Is there prep-work?

While there is no required prep-work, there is quite a bit of recommended (but optional) reading and videos. The more of this recommended prep-work you’re able to do prior to class, the deeper your course experience will be. 

Is there a time limit on the self-paced class?

You will have 12 months to complete the self-paced course. If you need more time, your trainer will work with you to choose a good course of action. Often, your trainer will give you at least a couple more months.