Self-Paced Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)

Self-Paced Online Course – Using Zoom & Mural

Duration: 3 weeks to 12 months

I have the CSM… What’s Different?

The Advanced Certified ScrumMaster© (A-CSM) certification shows employers that you are serious about your craft. Scrum Mastery is no joke, and those that carry the A-CSM badge have worked long and hard to attain it. If you are looking for a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace of Scrum Master candidates, this is the way.

How is Self-Paced different?

Our Self-Paced A-CSM course puts YOU in the driver’s seat. You decide what area of study to do next. You decide when (and sometimes how) to do assignments/activities.

You will have up to a year to complete all of the same modules that other students will be completing in the 3-day course, but without having to take 3 full days off of work or away from your family. You can accomplish the demands of this self-paced course in a few months with just an hour of work per weeknight.

What’s Covered?

  • Facts & Myths surrounding Scrum
  • Build Your Own Scrum
  • Retrospective formats that produce great results
  • Challenges associated with Retrospectives
  • Understanding complexity
  • Coaching Product Owners – Product Visioning
  • Inspecting the Elements of Scrum
  • Team Working Agreements
  • Planning collaborative events
  • Removing Impediments (like a boss!)
  • Coaching stances
  • Levels of conflict
  • Definitions of Done
  • What makes a team a Team
  • Team Maturity Models (not your normal Tuckman here)
  • Skills needed for certain roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Manager)
  • Listening techniques
  • Exploring other Agile approaches
  • History of Agile and Scrum
  • ‘Agile’ organizational patterns
  • Productivity & Performance
  • What makes a great Scrum Master Candidate (How to hire a great Scrum Master)

Is there Prep Work?

No. Unlike the live A-CSM course, there’s no pre-work for the self-paced version. When you decide to tackle a module, follow the instructions (do the reading and follow it up with a written assignment) and you are done. All of the course materials will be made available on-demand.

Well, maybe there’s a little pre-work… The whole process starts off with a Zoom video conference with your trainer. Once you register for the self-paced course, expect an email introduction from your trainer. In that email, the trainer will set up some time to meet with you. During that meeting, the details of how to get started will be explained.


There are no prerequisites for taking this class. However, in order to receive the A-CSM badge from the Scrum Alliance, students must:

  • complete the A-CSM course
  • have an active CSM certification with Scrum Alliance (if you aren’t sure, look yourself up here)
  • have at least 12 months of verifiable experience as a Scrum Master

Is there another exam?

No. Just choose your own order of the modules to complete, do the work, and frequently check-in with your instructor. When all modules are complete, you will be submitted for a work experience review. Once the review is completed by a Scrum Alliance staff member, you will officially be the newest A-CSM!!!

Let’s Collaborate!


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